At the Law Offices of Lisa A. Cheney
we are professional and compassionate. We are dedicated to
working with our clients and helping them restore financial
equilibrium and/or helping our clients implement an estate
plan that will ensure the preservation of their property with
minimal consequence when it comes time to pass on their legacy.

We have represented some amazing people who have fallen
on hard times, by no fault of their own, and yes, some clients
have made poor decisions. Regardless, we are here to counsel
our clients and put them back on track by filing a Chapter 7 or
Chapter 13 bankruptcy case. Bankruptcy is not right for
everyone. We will be honest with you and provide you with
additional options that do not include bankruptcy if bankruptcy is not appropriate based on your circumstances.

We are here to counsel our clients regarding estate planning whether their goals include, long term care planning, tax planning, or setting up a trust for a minor child, and more. We sit down with all parties involved including the client and his/her loved ones to discuss the substance of the plan and discuss the administrative processes required to carry out the plan. It is imperative that each person involved understands his/her rights and responsibilities.

Contact the Law Offices of Lisa A. Cheney for a consultation and together we will evaluate your needs and formulate a plan to achieve your goals.
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We are a debt relief agency that helps people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.
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